With so many companies to choose from, how do you know who is right for the job? Well, we could go on telling you how great we are, but its simple – call us and we’ll prove it.

With Commercial Mechanical, you get a fast response time, competitive rates, quality service and superior products. Every job is unique and each of our customer’s receives distinct attention specific to their needs. Our success depends on it!

– Do you know where your hot water shut off valve is? Find out! If something goes wrong with your system, this simple bit of knowledge could save you money and nuisance.
– What is your hot water temperature set at? Reducing your temperature to 130%, 10 percent less than factory recommendation not only makes your home safer, but will also save you money.
– How old is your water heater? On average, a hot water heater only lasts 10 years.
– Low flow toilets and shower heads not only save you money – they are good for the environment.
– Clogged sink? Using chemical or environmentally safe drain cleaners should be your last choice as they won’t work with a total blockage anyway. Try a plunger or snake first.

SALOS PLUMBING is proud of its environmental impact – or should we say lack thereof. We are always careful to ensure that old equipment is properly disposed of, and, work hard to help you conserve energy, water and use fewer chemicals.